Meals cooked in 2014

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to take a photo of every meal that I cooked, and record each ingredient that was used in that meal. Over the past few weeks I built a React-based webpage to browse the photos and filter them by ingredients – all meals with granola, all meals with tomato and avocado, and so forth. Enjoy! Some quick facts: 200 dishes total. Number of ingredients per dish: min 2, median 4, mean 5, max 12. 49 (nearly 1 in 4) with greek yogurt, the most frequent ingredient. Because breakfast. 111 dishes cooked while living in NYC (.45 per day). 89 dishes cooked while living in SF (.76 per day). Bigger kitchen and better groceries out here.

User interface interactions I like

I’ve found that it’s much easier to criticize bad user interfaces than it is to celebrate good ones: when a UI has usability issues you get frustrated; when a UI works well, you carry on with what you were doing. So I’d like to take the time to recognize a few interfaces with interactions that I find delightful. Cameras with helpful error messages I have an Olympus Pen E-P3 camera that I use a couple times a month. There are a variety of mistakes I commonly make when quickly taking out my camera for a photo, like leaving the lens cap on, or starting off in the wrong camera mode. These mistakes take valuable seconds of fumbling to recognize and correct, which often means missing the opportunity for an action shot, or making people in a group pose wait around awkwardly. Another mistake I make is leaving the 14-42mm lens ...(Read More)