Meals cooked in 2014

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to take a photo of every meal that I cooked, and record each ingredient that was used in that meal. Over the past few weeks I built a React-based webpage to browse the photos and filter them by ingredients – all meals with granola, all meals with tomato and avocado, and so forth. Enjoy! Some quick facts: 200 dishes total. Number of ingredients per dish: min 2, median 4, mean 5, max 12. 49 (nearly 1 in 4) with greek yogurt, the most frequent ingredient. Because breakfast. 111 dishes cooked while living in NYC (.45 per day). 89 dishes cooked while living in SF (.76 per day). Bigger kitchen and better groceries out here.

New Year’s Resolution 2012 – Cardio vs Coffee/Alcohol

My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was to jog more miles than cups of coffee I had, and to bike more miles than alcoholic drinks I had. This required keeping track of all of this activity, which was just as much of a challenge than it was to be self-disciplined. I used the website and iPhone app Daytum ( to record all of my activity over the entire year, with approximate timestamps for every entry. It was a big challenge, and jogging beat coffee only by razor-thin margins by December 31. Cycling beat alcohol by a slightly better margin, but not without struggle. I graphed the data for the competing activities, and also created other analyses and visualizations of the data where there are interesting trends to observe and stories to tell. This graph shows the overall competition between jogging and coffee, and between cycling and alcohol. The higher each ...(Read More)

Trends in personal note-taking habits

Many of technology’s greatest inventors and entrepreneurs were avid note-takers, and I strive to follow in their footsteps and use their same strategies for being intellectually engaged. I’ve been taking notes on life and writing down musings ever since high school, and have kept them organized and stored digitally since 2006. Now it’s 2012, and I have six years of note data, spanning from my first year of undergrad to my first year in the software industry. How have my note-taking habits changed? How do the contents and statistics about my notes, in aggregate, tell a story about my life? My notes come from many sources – scribbles in the margins of a notebook in class, quotes I copied from books or websites, detailed reflections of an emotionally meaningful event, and ongoing thought experiments. I cluster my notes by topic areas, and then revise each cluster until it tells a ...(Read More)

Tracking my sleep behavior in spring

For the three-month period of April-June 2012, I recorded the time of day I woke up and went to sleep. I was curious to see whether my actual sleep habits matched up with my perceptions of my sleep habits, and whether any interesting trends could be found in the data. This is the graph of the time of day I woke up (blue line) and time of day I went to sleep (red line). I typically woke up between 8:00am and noon, and went to sleep between midnight and 4:00am. The upward spikes every weekend are very apparent. The earliest I woke up was at 6:59 AM, on Saturday, April 7, for the Stanford CS Section Leader road trip known as BAWK, where every day consists of at least 10 hours of driving. This was the only weekend I woke up earlier than the surrounding weekdays. The earliest I went ...(Read More)