SXSW and the expanding definition of tech

This past weekend I went to my first SXSW Interactive. I enjoyed meeting people from around the digital media and startup communities, attending parties, and getting free food and t-shirts. I was inspired by all the different angles speakers had on the future of tech, often focusing on emerging areas like health-tech, the smart home, and smart transportation, and even discussing the role of science fiction. Sometimes the startup hype and guerilla marketing there was so bizarre, I felt like I was in an episode of Silicon Valley. Friends had warned me to not expect much content on software itself at SXSW. Still, as a software engineer, I found it a bit disappointing. I’ve always thought of the tech industry and startup community as as software at its core, so SXSW was a reminder of how the term tech has broadened considerably to encompass so many things besides software itself. The best broad definition of ...(Read More)