Thoughts on the new MacBook

On removing ports The removal of all ports is bold – just like the removal of optical drives and ethernet ports in the original MacBook Air, and the removal of floppy drives and serial ports in previous desktops. This change seems even more extreme. I’m personally not ready for the removal of all these ports. I need wired audio for my best headphones, USB or an SD card reader for my digital camera (whose wireless capabilities are clunky), and up until recently a USB Yubikey for 2-factor authentication. Switching away from those is possible but too burdensome given the costs of new equipment and the effort of changing my routine. Moreover, most of the wireless alternatives that Apple prescribes are proprietary, like AirPlay and AirDrop, and I hesitate to become even more locked into the Apple ecosystem. Force Touch The new Force Touch trackpad clicking is intriguing. I imagine that ...(Read More)