Design quality applied to apps, dating, and clothing

What do designers at software companies do? They don’t just make the product look good. They do the broad task of planning out how to make the product work for its users, both in its appearance and interactions. In the book Emotional Design, design expert Donald Norman breaks down design thinking into 3 areas: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. A well-designed product will be high-quality in all these different areas. To illustrate these three separate concepts within design, I’ll apply them to the tech-industry scenario of designing a mobile photo-sharing app, and the everyday scenarios of going on a date and buying a shirt. Some designers work across these three areas, especially when they’re the sole designer of a product, while others specialize in just one or two. Visceral design Visceral design refers to the aspects of the design that we respond to viscerally. It concerns itself with the immediate impression ...(Read More)