Meals cooked in 2014

My New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to take a photo of every meal that I cooked, and record each ingredient that was used in that meal.

Over the past few weeks I built a React-based webpage to browse the photos and filter them by ingredients – all meals with granola, all meals with tomato and avocado, and so forth. Enjoy!

Some quick facts:

  • 200 dishes total.
  • Number of ingredients per dish: min 2, median 4, mean 5, max 12.
  • 49 (nearly 1 in 4) with greek yogurt, the most frequent ingredient. Because breakfast.
  • 111 dishes cooked while living in NYC (.45 per day).
  • 89 dishes cooked while living in SF (.76 per day). Bigger kitchen and better groceries out here.