Menu Scaling Tool from CoopWeb

While an undergrad at Stanford, I developed an intranet and productivity tool for the cooperative houses called CoopWeb. One much-loved feature of CoopWeb is the recipe scaling tool. Simply type up a recipe or paste something in from epicurious or allrecipes, hit “scale”, and the website will scan the text, change all the numbers, adjust the units of measurement if necessary, and immediately return you the scaled text.

Last year, I ran into a classmate and friend who had been a Terra kitchen manager the year before. She said she missed being able to use the scaling tool while cooking, now that she had graduated, and requested that I make the tool available for use for anyone on the web.

Now that I’ve had more time on my hands and have a personal website to centralize my small projects, I’ve finally been able to fill her request. Have fun, and report any bugs or shortcomings in the comments!